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How Can I Fix A Gummy Smile?

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
How Can I Fix A Gummy Smile?A grin that shows more gum tissue than teeth is known as having a "gummy" smile. A significant number of individuals who have gummy grins are troubled by the appearance of their smiles. However, a few different treatment techniques are available to fix a grin that shows too much gum.

It is possible that your upper jaw is not correctly aligned with your bottom jaw due to a hereditary predisposition. The appearance of a gummy smile may be caused by a bite that pushes the upper jaw forward. In addition, if your lip lifts up too high, it may reveal gum tissue, resulting in a gummy grin. The presence of an excessive amount of gum tissue is the most typical reason for a gummy grin. When permanent teeth emerge in the mouth, gums may, in many situations, develop beyond their usual boundaries.

Gummy Smiles Can Be Treated

A gummy grin may be corrected with a procedure called crown lengthening, which reshapes the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. This surgery makes the patient's teeth seem longer and reveals more of the patient's original tooth. In addition, the crown expansion process helps to realign the gum tissue surrounding the tooth, which in turn helps to address a gummy grin.

This surgery makes the patient's teeth seem longer and exposes more of the patient's original tooth. If you have problems with how your teeth fit together, orthodontic treatment may help straighten your gummy grin. Your bite may need to be adjusted with dental therapy to prevent gum tissue from revealing when you smile.

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