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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Evan
What Causes Tooth SensitivityYou have likely experienced tooth sensitivity at some point in your life. If that's so, then you could be familiar with some of the symptoms of tooth sensitivity. For instance, when you bite some cold soda or ice cream and end up having a toothache, then you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. Most people experience this type of sensitivity in most cases, especially adults.

The main tooth sensitivity triggers are when consuming cold, hot, sweet, breathing cold air, sour drinks, or foods. Teeth are protected by a layer known as cementum that covers the enamel (protects the gum line on the root canal. When various things erode the protective layer, the outcome is cold; acidity or heat can penetrate the nerves and cells of each tooth, causing sensitivity.

Brushing Too Hard

If you get used to brushing your teeth too hard, your tooth enamel will wear down. Also, brushing too aggressively will expose your tooth root leading to sensitivity. Thus, brushing should be done gently but in the correct motion. In addition, the type of toothbrush you use to brush should have soft bristles.

Eating High-sugar or acidic diet

Acidic or sugary beverages, foods like coffee, tomato, or soda, and refined carbohydrates, among many others, can cause eroding of the enamel, hence leading the teeth to become more exposed. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce these foods mentioned to reduce the chances of sensitivity. Another thing you can do to prevent enamel eroding is to brush after taking such meals and drinks.

Gum Disease

Diseases of the gum, such as periodontal and gingivitis, usually provoke gum recession or inflammation. In return, it exposes the teeth, leading to teeth sensitivity. The only way to prevent sensitivity caused by such diseases is to treat them with the help of your professional dentist.

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