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Drinking Water is good for Gums and Teeth

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
Drinking Water is good for Gums and TeethWater is a necessity for gums and teeth. It's a sugar-free drink that keeps you hydrated and helps to keep the mouth clean and the fur from drying up. Water is vital to your gums and teeth, among them reducing the condition of dental caries and periodontal disease.

Importance of Water to Secrete Adequate Levels of Saliva

Drinking water allows the mouth to be constantly hydrated, thus producing a sufficient level of saliva. Adequate saliva plays a crucial role in our gums and teeth as it acts as a lubricant layer that protects the teeth from the action of bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth.

Also, drinking water maintains adequate saliva in the mouth that helps to maintain a pH balance of the mouth neutral hence preventing the mouth from being in an acidic medium state which can favor the development of cavities. Additionally, saliva promotes quick and easy healing of wounds and sores found within the mouth.

Lack of enough hydration causes a dry mouth that makes it difficult to talk or chew and increases the risk of periodontal and caries disease. Therefore, drinking water is necessary to maintain adequate saliva secretion.

Water is Good in Fighting Cavities

Cavities result from dental injuries within the dental structure caused by the interaction of acids and bacterial plaque in the mouth. Not treating caries at the right time can cause them to progress and affect the dentin and dental nerve.

However, regular water drinking by a patient suffering from caries is essential since the water helps wash the mouth while removing the remaining food debris and bacteria. Water helps to prevent the spread of caries to other parts of the teeth. For more details on the role of water in your gums and teeth, visit our dental professionals near you for the best services.

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