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Fiber Could Boost How White Your Teeth Look

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Evan
Fiber Could Boost How White Your Teeth LookOur diets are one of the biggest factors in the coloring of our teeth. From yellowing due to excess coffee to increasing the strength of your teeth, our food choices have huge impacts on the continuous state of our teeth. Because of this, there are some food choices that can help your teeth exponentially. Fiber is one of those elements which help our teeth become whiter. This is due to its natural brushing tendencies.

Increasing Good Foods

If fiber is what we're after for stronger, whiter teeth, there are a few fruits and vegetables that dramatically impact those positive impacts. Celery is known for its stringy and fibrous qualities, making it great for a natural teeth cleaner. When chewed, the fibers of the celery spread and brush against the surfaces of your teeth and in between them. This removes the bacteria and plaque that may be stuck to the surface of a tooth. And as we all know, the removal of bacterium and plaque is key to getting whiter teeth.

Another food you should consider eating more of, is strawberries. They are known for being sweet and sticky, but they are actually fantastic at cleaning your teeth as you chew them. They're filled with vitamin C, and their seeds help to scrub away tartar efficiently. What's more, since they have so much vitamin C, they help strengthen your teeth the more they are eaten. Their qualities have great benefits over time, and they help to white our teeth as well as celery and brushing.

Contact Us for More Food Suggestions

If you want a whiter smile, consider eating more fiber in your diet. It is a significant factor in how your teeth become lighter and more appealing. If you'd like to learn more about fibrous fruits and vegetables and are interested in making an appointment to speak about dental options, give us a call or contact us.

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