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I Grind My Teeth, What Can I Do About It?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Evan
I Grind My Teeth, What Can I Do About It?Dental professionals reported increased teeth clenching and grinding during the pandemic. This could partly have arisen from the stressful situations people were experiencing. Symptoms of clenching and grinding may include pain within the gums and teeth or even the jaw joints and muscles. A person can have debilitating pain and their life could significantly be affected.

Why You Clench Your Jaw

The top and bottom teeth should meet properly and evenly when needed, for example, when biting and chewing. Naturally, we only take a few hours a day chewing where our bottom and top teeth make contact.

If you clench or grind more than normal, you could have the teeth worn down over time. The jaw muscles also get tight and fatigued. The jaw joints have a disc that helps in controlling how they move. If the disc is dislocated or distorted, you can have reduced function, clicking, and pain.

Stress is one issue that contributes to grinding and clenching. Sometimes, people may not know that they are stressed out. However, when a dentist sits down and talks to them about their daily life experiences, they discover that they are stressed. As such, the stress could be the culprit to their clenching and grinding.

What to Do?

A dentist is trained to inspect the health of the jaw joints including the muscles to see if they have problems. A dental checkup is able to reveal signs of jaw clenching and grinding. The dentist will look for cracked teeth or fillings, wearing down of cusps or crowns, and tender jaw muscles.

Talk to our dentist if you wake up with sore teeth and jaw joint pain. Chat with our dentist about receiving a bite guard. This bite-raising appliance known as a splint could be right for you. The dentist will custom-make this appliance so that you use it during the night. It is crucial you avoid chewing gum for longer periods. Although chewing sugar-free is recommended for people to help reduce decay, it can result in jaw pain. Visit us for more information regarding clenching and grinding.

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