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Tips for Maintaining Your Dental Braces

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
Tips for Maintaining Your Dental BracesDid you recently get your dental braces, or are you planning to straighten your teeth? Congratulations! Having braces is a good step towards a healthy and beautiful smile. However, the only way to ensure healthy teeth and the longevity of your braces is by keeping them well-maintained. Doing so will result in well-aligned teeth and a mouth free from issues. Read on and learn ways to maintain your braces properly:

Follow The Orthodontist's Instructions

An important aspect of maintaining dental braces is paying attention to the dentist's instructions. A professional will provide instructions based on your individual needs. It is good to understand that everyone has their own oral needs that must be addressed to achieve desired results. For instance, a dentist may advise you to use rubber bands with braces to provide the extra force needed to move teeth to the right position.

Ensure Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Good oral hygiene habits will keep your braces in good quality and last long. Sometimes taking care of braces can be challenging, but good oral hygiene is more than worth it. When food particles stick to the wires of the braces, plaque will likely build up and harm your teeth and orthodontic appliance. For this reason, brushing and flossing daily should be a priority. You may also need to schedule dental appointments for teeth cleaning.

Watch What You Consume

The teeth straightening process requires a change in diet to protect the braces. Some foods are high in acids, which can wear down the enamel making it challenging to wear braces. In addition, hard foods like nuts, ice, and candies can damage the braces, leading to costly repairs. You may also need to avoid sticky foods because they are difficult to remove from the braces. Contact us to learn more about how to take care of your braces and keep your teeth in good alignment.

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