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How Can Tongue Thrust Affect The Teeth?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Adorable smiling girl in dental chairTongue thrust can have a significant impact on both dental health and speech development. This involuntary action occurs when the tongue presses against the front teeth or protrudes between them during swallowing or while at rest.

If you notice tongue thrust on your child, then you should visit the dentist. They will advise on the best diagnosis to prevent further damage. Here are how tongue thrust can affect the teeth and overall oral health:

Misaligned Teeth

Tongue thrust can play a role in causing misaligned teeth. The constant pressure of the tongue against the teeth can push them out of their natural alignment.

Issues like gaps and overcrowding may occur from this. If left unaddressed, misaligned teeth can lead to chewing difficulties and an increased risk of dental problems. Ensure you speak to the dentist for the right treatment and prevention.

Bite Problems

An improper tongue resting position or thrusting during swallowing can contribute to bite problems. When the tongue exerts pressure against the front teeth or pushes forward during swallowing, it disrupts the balance between the upper and lower jaws.

This will make the front teeth don't meet properly when the back teeth are closed. You will also note that the upper and lower teeth don't align correctly. Bite problems can affect the appearance and functionality of the teeth.

Speech Irregularities

The way you speak and how you enunciate can both be impacted by tongue thrust. The incorrect tongue placement during rest and swallowing can influence how sounds are produced, leading to speech irregularities.

You may pronounce certain sounds incorrectly or with difficulty, affecting clear communication. Children with tongue thrust may develop a lisp or struggle with specific speech sounds. Contact our office to know how tongue thrust affects your teeth and oral health.

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