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Night Mouth Guards and Bite Problems - Protection for Teeth Grinders

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited white womanIf you grind your teeth at night, a custom night mouth guard can protect your smile from unnecessary damage. Understanding causes and implementing solutions ensures teeth remain healthy long-term.

Teeth Grinding: Causes and Risks

Also called bruxism, teeth grinding often happens unconsciously during sleep due to misaligned bites, anxiety, or sleep disorders. Chronic grinding can crack, loosen, or wear down teeth. Jaw muscles and TMJ joints are also impacted.

Since it frequently goes unnoticed, many suffer consequences like fractures, limited opening, lockjaw, and migraines without realizing the nightly root cause. Diagnosis typically requires a sleep study or thorough oral exam.

How Custom Night Guards Help

Rigid night guards are worn while sleeping to cushion teeth from forceful grinding and clenching. They prevent teeth from directly hitting each other and absorb some shock that would otherwise transmit to jaw joints. While not curative, a proper night mouth guard protects the integrity of teeth, muscles, and joints.

Options for Guards

Basic drugstore night mouth guards provide partial protection but permit some continued wear. Custom-made guards from dental impressions offer full coverage and a tighter fit for the optimal solution. These also allow adjustment for proper bite alignment.

Additional Tips for Relief

Addressing sources of bruxism like anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders may help reduce grinding activity. Physical therapy relieves muscle tension. Botox injections relax masseter muscles. Orthodontics or restorative techniques can repair bite alignment.

Signs You May Need a Night Mouth Guard

Symptoms like jaw or headache upon waking, sore teeth and gums, cracked enamel, loose teeth, or unexplained orthodontic retainer damage signify possible nighttime grinding. Consult your dentist promptly if any are noticed.

Protect your oral health during sleep. See your dentist for an accurate grinding diagnosis and a custom night guard fitting. With diligence, a beautiful smile endures for the long term.

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