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My kid hates brushing her teeth. What can I do to change that?

Posted on 11/5/2021 by Evan
My kid hates brushing her teeth. What can I do to change that?It's simple to convince an adult of the need of brushing one's teeth, but how do you persuade a reluctant child? A youngster may act this way because the brush irritates their gums or because they believe it is a waste of energy. In such a case, not allowing the child to brush is not a viable option. You must devise methods to encourage the child to brush his or her teeth.

Be role model

When children are instructed, they learn less fast than when they are imitated. If you want to observe kids practice oral hygiene afterward, you must follow the procedure. Make your child gaze at you whenever you brush. Allow them to watch you brush your teeth while you do so, and make it look exciting enough that they can't resist brushing their teeth.

Make brushing fun time

Make up engaging stories to capture their interest and persuade them to want more. Make a humorous small sound with your mouth while brushing rather than just standing still, and invite them to repeat after you. Kids are naturally curious; therefore, they would most likely agree without hesitation.

Reward after brushing

It's difficult to avoid brushing your teeth. Tell your youngster that after they clean their teeth, they will receive a special surprise. For children under the age of five, these presents can be as simple as an eraser or a song. Older children require more substantial rewards, such as the opportunity to watch their favorite television show or see their friends. Instead of rewarding them with food or sweet products, give them small affordable trinkets like stickers or time for their favorite game, movie, or television show. Visit us to get dental checkups for you and your child.

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