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Reasons Why Your Teeth and Body Love Matcha Green Tea

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Evan
Reasons Why Your Teeth and Body Love Matcha Green TeaThere have been a lot of uses for matcha, from making tea to being used as a food additive. The reality is that matcha is everywhere, and if you love this bright green tea, then you will be happy to hear about its benefits to dental and general health. In today's world, where most people lead a busy lifestyle, taking a cup of this “zen” tea does wonders for your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. There's no doubt that matcha tea has numerous benefits, and these benefits extend to your dental health. Some of these benefits include:

Reduces Anxiety and Depression for Healthier Teeth

Drinking matcha tea feels like a long, deep breath of fresh air, which leaves you feeling relaxed. However, it contains L-theanine, a rare amino acid found in tea, and matcha is the richest source of all. This amino acid increases the brain levels of dopamine and serotonin, which lower anxiety and depression.

Research has shown that improving your mood goes beyond benefiting your mental health and enhances your oral health. There is a link between your improved dental wellbeing and a lower risk of depression.

Fights Tooth Decay

As part of the green tea fraternity, it contains EGCG, which has been proven to protect individuals from bacterial growth in the mouth, which causes cavities. EGCG antioxidants are among the vital component of green tea that makes it great for your general wellbeing.

Reduces Gum Disease

Gum disease ranges from stage IV periodontitis to gingivitis, and it is an inflammatory condition that can cause excruciating pain. Matcha tea can reverse the symptoms as you undergo treatment, providing relief from irritation, mucous disturbance, and burn-like effect of gum disease. Although dental issues require professional advice and treatment, taking match tea goes a long way in providing relief as you seek expert help.

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