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The Utility Of Panoramic Dental X-rays

Posted on 11/19/2021 by Evan
The Utility Of Panoramic Dental X-raysOne of the things that we are proud of at Wilson Dentistry is our technology, since quality equipment offers our Katy, TX patients a quality of care like no other.

Among our modern technology equipment is our panoramic X-ray service, which is a type of procedure that not only preserves the oral health of our patients, but can potentially save their lives. Read on to learn more about panoramic X-rays.

What Is a Panoramic X-Ray?

In brief, a panoramic X-ray is a type of two-dimensional study that captures in a photo the entire mouth of our patient in one single image. This includes a comprehensive view of all teeth, various bones, and other important anatomical structures for studying your dental health.

Unlike traditional X-rays, where we can only observe a close-up of your teeth, panoramic X-rays give our dentists a global view of your head and neck. In turn, it increases its diagnostic value beyond dental problems. This allows us to visualize other important problems concerning the tissue adjacent to your teeth. Furthermore, we can see early signs of oral cancer in the bones and another huge amount of abnormalities, which would not be visible in other types of X-rays. The most important thing about any pathology is early diagnosis, and this study helps us in that task.

What Can You Expect From a Panoramic X-Ray?

In a panoramic X-ray, our dentists will position your head with supports for your forehead and jaw. We will also stabilize your bite so that your mouth is half-open for the study. Then the X-ray machinery will rotate in a semicircle around you, and thus we will obtain a useful image of your entire mouth and jaw. It is a quick and painless process.

Additionally, a panoramic X-ray will only be necessary, at most, every 3 years. However, it is an investment that is totally worth it. We invite you to meet our dentists so that you can experience this incredible study and its benefits for yourself.

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