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Learn why you need Invisalign

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
Learn why you need InvisalignA misaligned bite can accelerate tooth deterioration rate and potentially lead to their destruction. After all, Invisalign repositions the teeth to fit together correctly; they are less susceptible to damage.

Jaw pain relief

A misaligned jaw can cause trouble chewing, TMJ pain, and other issues. Invisalign may be able to rectify these problems, thereby alleviating or even eliminating numerous types of jaw pain.

Facial pain relief

TMJ disorders can also cause discomfort in tissues other than the jaw, such as the neck and facial muscles. Using Invisalign to improve the bite's alignment may remedy such concerns.

Better digestion

Because digestion begins in the mouth, it is essential to chew food thoroughly. However, having crooked teeth might make chewing difficult. Invisalign can allow improved chewing, hence enhancing digestion.

Enhanced skeletal architecture

Your skeletal structures are not static. Instead, your body is constantly metabolizing them, breaking them down, and reassembling them with new material. As a result, when your teeth shift into their correct places, the bone that supports them will change, improving the bone architecture.

A cleaner mouth

Misaligned teeth are more likely to trap food and are more challenging to clean than straight teeth. Thus, Invisalign can make it easier to clean your mouth thoroughly, resulting in fresher breath and a reduced chance of tooth decay. You may find that your routine dental cleanings with your hygienist are shorter and more effective after Invisalign straightens your teeth.

Clarifier voice

Your teeth are essential in articulating certain sounds; misalignment can make it difficult or impossible to articulate some phrases clearly. After receiving Invisalign, you may find it simpler to talk with self-assurance.

Security for your teeth

Your aligners can give some degree of tooth protection. For instance, they can prevent the damage caused by nocturnal bruxism (teeth grinding). However, if you participate in sports, you should not attempt to use your aligner as a mouth guard. A custom-made sports mouth guard offers substantially improved protection. Call Wilson Dentistry today at (346) 340-5440 for Invisalign information!

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