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Causes and Treatment of an Overjet

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Evan
Causes and Treatment of an OverjetVarious factors can cause an overjet; however, experts claim that no single factor causes it. Overjets may occasionally be inherited. Therefore, if your mother or father had one, you might too. This could happen if your upper teeth protrude more than they should because of an undeveloped lower jawbone. However, this is not solely due to genetics. An overjet may develop if you suck your thumbs or fingers during your toddler stage. An overjet can also result via tongue thrusting or using a pacifier for an extended time.

Tooth braces

Teeth are progressively moved into a new position using dental braces to straighten and align them. For an overjet, various braces are available, such as conventional metal braces and detachable transparent aligners. Depending on the overjet's severity, it may take longer or shorter to fix it with dental braces. You will often wear braces for about 18 to 24 months.


Your doctor may also recommend veneers to correct an overjet. This is a porcelain piece affixed to the front of your teeth. Its distinctive style imitates the way your teeth naturally seem. Veneers can cover or cover up additional flaws, such as crooked teeth. The Consumer Guide to Dentistry states that conventional porcelain veneers have 10 to 15 years of lifespan.

Dental bonding

The dentist utilizes composite resin to alter the shape and size of the teeth through dental bonding. This can help conceal protruding teeth. The resin is as durable as natural teeth, and the bonding can endure for several years before replacement or repair is required.


A dental cap, often known as a crown, is an artificial tooth that is completely covered. It can make projecting teeth look consistent and well-aligned. The crown lasts between five and fifteen years.

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