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Dental Bridge
Katy, TX

Close up of a fixed dental bridge on model of mouth.Wilson Dentistry helps patients with a variety of dental bridge needs. A dental bridge is a false tooth that is often used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges require a strict commitment to attentive oral care. Commonly constructed from porcelain, dental bridges blend with your teeth, restore your smile, and maintain your natural face shape. Traditional bridges can be used when you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Some dental plans cover bridges, while other plans solely cover dental implants. Molars require a strong replacement procedure and can generally be replaced using a dental bridge.

Dentists support the bridge by removing enamel, thus creating space. Teeth at the front of the mouth can be replaced using a Maryland dental bridge. These bridges are not as durable as traditional bridges, but the approach is less risky. Sometimes, cantilever bridges, also made of porcelain, can be used. Lastly, implant-supported dental bridges are another common procedure. This specific procedure utilizes dental implants rather than frameworks or dental crowns.

Dental Bridge Procedure Details

Before the procedure, your dentist will remove your current tooth structure. During the procedure, the dentist will then shape the teeth next to the fake tooth and apply anesthesia. Afterwards, the dentist will modify the abutment teeth and remove the tooth. After the teeth have been shaped, the tooth structure is replicated and sent to a laboratory. Once the bridge is prepared, you will return for a second appointment to install the replacement. Our professionals will conclude the procedure by removing the temporary bridge, as well as a dental cleaning. Be sure to make regular contact with your dentist after the procedure, especially if you have any questions.

Implant Supported Dental Bridges

Some patients may require a special procedure. As mentioned before, implant-supported bridges are similar to regular dental bridges, but they are not supported by a metal framework. In this procedure, an implant is placed for teeth that are missing, thus creating a series. This will ensure that the bridge stays in place. Your dentist can include a tooth that is supported between two crowns, which are supported by implants. This procedure requires two surgeries, and two office visits. The bridges last five to seven years, but may last up to ten with good oral hygiene.

Pain Considerations and Side Effects of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are relatively painless, though some patients may experience tenderness or gum swelling. With bridges, you can restore your abilities to properly chew, speak, and distribute the forces in your bite properly. By replacing missing teeth, you can prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position. On the other hand, teeth adjacent to the gap may be affected by the suspended pontic once the bridge is fitted. Without proper fitting, there may be tooth decay, and the manifestation of bacteria which can cause more damage. After the crowns and bridge are successfully placed in the patient, teeth in the mouth may shift or change in structure. Lastly, the abutment teeth that were introduced for support during the procedure may not be strong enough to hold the bridge, and the structure may fall apart.

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