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Orthodontic Preventative Therapy

Orthodontic treatment is a major investment of time and money. The care of orthodontic appliances is a difficult task and has proven too often to have major and long-lasting effects on the teeth when not done effectively. Below are our recommendations for anyone going into orthodontic treatment:
•  First appointment should be 2 weeks after orthodontic brackets are placed. This will be a comprehensive instructional appointment to disclose the teeth and review all necessary hygiene products with the patient. Please bring the patient’s electric toothbrush to this appointment.
•  While in orthodontic appliances, a 4 month recare interval is recommended. A prophylaxis (regular cleaning) and follow-up hygiene instructions will be provided. Exams will still be done twice per year and xrays once per year unless a shorter frequency is necessary. Your insurance may cover two or more cleanings for the year and our office can give you an estimate of additional cleanings not covered by insurance.
•  A prophylaxis (regular cleaning) is recommended 2 weeks after orthodontic brackets are removed. The patient’s tissues and teeth will be examined and appropriate recare frequency will be determined until the patient is healthy. Benefit coverage for this cleaning will be determined by your coverage frequency and can be verified with our office.

Caring for orthodontic appliances is not an easy task, and requires different techniques and tools than basic oral hygiene. There are several tools and options that make the job easier, which will be presented at the patient's first appointment.

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