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Dental Technology
Katy, TX

At Wilson Dentistry, we’re honored to be selected as the home for your family’s oral health needs and work toward continuously improving your dental experiences. The leaps and bounds made in technology, materials, and techniques equip us with the ability to strengthen your prevention methods, detect issues earlier, and provide treatments with more precision, comfort, and beautiful results. With the assistance of imaging technology, screenings, and your hard work, we’re making our community healthier… one smile at a time!

Dentist reviewing a digital x-ray using dental technology.

Digital X-Ray

We’re happy to use digital x-rays in our practice because they reduce the amount of radiation your family and our team is exposed to, and they speedily provide clear images we can go over together from the comfort of the dental chair. Digital x-rays help us spot infection or potential problems we couldn’t see with our eyes alone.

We’re also able to examine the density of your jawbone and the health of the tissues surrounding your teeth. We’ll check for dark spots between teeth that indicate cavitation, and confirm that existing restorations are holding up nicely. Digital x-ray images even help us see if your enamel is holding strong against demineralization.

Intraoral Camera

We’re grateful for intraoral cameras because the traditional dental mirror, though still invaluable when performing certain procedures, just wasn’t cutting it in some areas. One of those areas was communication with our patients. Intraoral cameras help you see what we see and are a great motivator for the improvement of oral hygiene routines. The clear images, which can be magnified up to 25 times, also make for great recordkeeping so we can track changes in your mouth.

3D Imaging

Our 3D imaging technology allows us to take 3D images of your mouth without you ever having to bite into dental alginate–no more messy, goopy, bitter-tasting moments to get accurate impressions of your teeth! The technology we use to get 3D images is 3Shape® Trios Intraoral Scanner. The 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner has the ability to create 3D digital impressions from a handheld device without you ever leaving the dental chair.

3D imaging devices allow precision diagnoses and models of the mouth for accurate treatment planning in every type of case, from simple to complex, including:

Additional Examination Tools:

Panoramic Machine
Diode Laser
Sleep Sat Apneic Screening Device
Velscope(Oral Cancer Screening Device)

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At Wilson Dentistry, we are here to help with your family’s oral health care needs and work toward continuously improving your dental experiences! 🦷
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