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What is SMART removal?

SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. This technique was developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to minimize the patient's exposure to mercury during the removal of silver amalgam fillings. Below are the steps patients can choose to take to minimize risk of mercury exposure:
•  Mercury Scavenging Pre-rinse with activated charcoal
•  Patient Protective Equipment: Safety glasses, drape, face barrier
•  Operator Protective Equipment: Glasses, mask, gown, hair cover, gloves
•  Non-latex Rubber dam applied
•  Saliva ejector placed under rubber dam
•  External oxygen source administered (option to give nitrous oxide at additional cost if patient is anxious)
•  Dent Air Vac oral aerosol vacuum close to patient's mouth
•  Amalgam removed using chunking technique (to minimize formation of mercury vapor)
•  During removal, constant water spray & use of high speed suction (with Clean up suction tip if possible)
•  Once amalgam is removed, rubber dam is removed and mouth is rinsed thoroughly with water
•  Final rinse with activated charcoal
•  Office has amalgam separator and air purifier in use at all time


The following gut support protocol may be used prior to mercury removal appointment:
•  50-60 billion colonies of Probiotics daily
•  Digestive enzymes with meals
•  800mg Chlorella 2x per day
•  1000mg Vitamin C 2x per day

Administration Fee

You will be given a treatment plan that gives an estimate for the fillings as well as the safe amalgam removal technique. This estimate will also indicate estimated insurance contribution if you have dental insurance. There is an additional fee for the additional materials required to minimize your exposure to mercury during filling replacement.

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